Hey world. Howssss it going?

You may notice something today, and that is a common switch that I make pretty much daily. A switch from language to language. No worries, I don’t speak Chinese. It’s just English, and Dutch of course.

It’s been good, and I am almost 100% sure that I can say that I am healing. I mean that’s only natural if you hurt yourself, get up and don’t get hurt again, but it was a little different this time around. My wound was opening, over and over again, by many hits. And instead of putting a bandaid on the wounds, I blocked the space around me with strong arms and steady feet to the ground, and said, ‘this is enough.’ No more. It’s enough. And that’s something I haven’t been able to do, because it also meant risking my all, and that getting hurt by other kinds of hits. And we can’t always prevent that. Life happens, and all you can do is be honest and make sure your heart is out there.

Love is what matters. The love that I have for food, for my cat, for Zumba & Fitness. The love that I see on the students’ faces in my school, or in any of my own classes. The love that I share whilst going out for lunch with my original Zumbabes! The love of me, having that connection and growing bond with my brother and sharing sarcastic jokes with his girlfriend. The love that comes from my mum and I, forever debating. The love of the hard work, my dad puts into helping me with my business, and the love of my boyfriend caring shitloads about and for me even though I am an absolute pain in the ass sometimes. The love of not seeing your good friends everyday, and meeting up with them and reconnecting.

I want to focus on Love again, and that is something that has been missing in my heart for too long. I love you. You all. I love life. Lets focus on love.


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