What is it, that you want? What makes you happy? Feel alive? What is your mission.. your purpose.

I guess when you think of a Business woman, you think of someone tough, focused on money and money result. I guess when you think of a business owner, you think of someone strict. Private and a 24/7 worker.

And I guess I have those features, some more than others.. but what I think that makes me different, makes me strive and makes me connected to everything I do, is that I am human. I don’t fake or hide being human.

I get sick. I get injured. I feel empathy. I feel love. I go through all of the great things just as much as I go through the bad things. And my goal isn’t money minded. My mission is to change things. Change the we do things, change the way we feel and experience life. Instead of putting an idea in your head, I want to show you that your idea is an idea that is possible to make into a reality.

I want you to be true to you. Connect with this world. Enjoy the company of the people you love and waste no time on people that don’t have your best interest.

I work with kids and connect with kids because I see their big hearts, big dreams and I dream along with the endless possibilities they have in their heads.

I feel most like myself, when I get to be myself. When I tell the honest story, to connect with the honest world, honest kids, honest nature. The honest you.

If my goal as a business woman, was money minded, I would only want to use that money to spread more love. More honest business. To think bigger towards an honest world.

I create, love, tell stories, and experience. And my purpose in life is to make sure, you do too.

Looking out for us creative little people!

❤️ Laresz love is spreading. I thank you all.

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